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Monday, July 14, 2008

My Mom

Took this snapshot of my mom last month while walking around the yard with her. We had a bit of a hectic past weekend as she spent the night in the hospital.

We had gone up the valley to my Uncle's place for supper and to also meet up with Eric who was bringing some things down from the city that far.

While Dad and I traveled in his car to meet with Eric; Mom and Gramma traveled in their car and went right to my uncle's. When we finally arrived, Mom was looking not well. She was having pains in her abdomen and felt very sick to her stomach. She has had "knots" in her bowels before and said it felt like that was happening again. The closest hospital was just at the end of the street from where we all were....she was going!

They ran all kinds of tests and did a bunch of blood work on her. Not 100% sure what the problems was yet, they opted to keep her overnight. Dad drove my grandmother and I back home. My Aunt and Uncle kept us in the loop of what was going on thru calls during the evening.

My mother has had issues with her bowels before and we are always so nervous. She came within 2 hours of dying a few years ago when a section of her bowel burst and spread infection thru her body. It was a very scary time for us all. She ended up having a temporary colostomy while her body healed. That was reversed and we raced to panic mode as soon as she has any sort of pains now. So....she tends to fight the pain quietly till it becomes too much to hide from us.

She has had a stern talking to now! LOL She is home again and doing much much better. She is full of antibiotics and hopefully will be back on track very soon.

Thank you ALL who sent me messages, emails and called. xoxxoxox


Anonymous said...

awww, there is ur Mom~~~
So glad she is feeling better and is at home~~~
Debbie ~ 3daughters said...

Hi Tracy,
Don't know how I stumbled onto your site, but here I am. Tell your mum I hope she's feeling better and a Happy Belated Birthday!
Coz Jan