Shabby Miss Jenn

Friday, July 11, 2008

Yoga ~ Finding the Balance

I feel like I have just been wandering around the last while bumping into unseen walls. The sensation of being off kilter is too much. Need to refocus and I find the best way for me to do that is thru YOGA.
A friend shared snapshots of herself doing different yoga poses in her kitchen (Thank you Mary Linda xox) and it was just the gentle nudge I needed.
My mat has been dusted off.
I was reminded that big studio space was not needed. Instructors are great but not a must have.
As simple as a spot on the kitchen floor was perfect.
I am now ready to.... bring back my Zen!


Aaron Hoopes said...

glad you are getting back to it...of course you don't need a big space or an instructor...just motivation.
good for you!
in peace

Cedara_ThruTheAtticDoor said...

Thanks! I am rusty but its slowly coming back to me