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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Spartacus on HBO

OH MY! I am hooked on this show and my only complaint is that it conflicts with other shows Monday evening that get watched here in my home so have to stay up crazy late to watch....but I do!

Spartacus is a look into the world of gladiators from ancient Rome, filmed in the graphic style of 300. Blood happens alot. Sweat covers everyone. Nudity as well.
The costumes are incredible and I am really struck by the storyline.

Course he isn't difficult to watch for an hour either! ;)

Tracy(Cedara)Dunn of Thru the Attic Door and Thru the Attic Door 2


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Spartacus

Lone Sparrow said...

Yummy pic. I may have to watch this show.

johnplayers said...

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