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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Rediscover the Joy of Photography

What is a blog without incredible eye candy?


Blogging has helped me rediscover my love of photography. Having an eye-catching photo can be quite an asset to your blog posts. The unique way you captured an image might be what grabs a readers eye when they first land on your blog. It can pull them in long enough to get them reading and before you know it, you have faithful followers.
Look thru your favorite magazines or surf other blogs that you enjoy reading. What draws you to them? What about their photos captured your attention first? Think about lighting and how you will crop your photos before you snap your photograph. Whenever possible, shoot without using the flash. Natural lighting really adds a nice touch to your photos if possible.

Remember angles when shooting...... don't go for the angle that everyone else always shoots from. Go above. Go below. Shoot from the side. Shoot in B&W. Don't be afraid of the camera. Take it off Automatic and play around. It's digital. If you don't like the shot, you can delete it.

Within the last few months, I treated myself to a brand new camera. I went for the FujiFilm FinePx HS10.
I've had a number of FujiFilm cameras and am thrilled with this newest one.
Lots of bells and whistles to play with and share some new "eye candy" with my readers.
As I play, I will share photography tips as I go

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