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Sunday, August 28, 2011

I dream of a Ride On Lawnmower

We have been doing our best to gain back lawn that has overgrown the last few years into quite the wild field. This home has been in his family for many years and the field used to be a number of large gardens and orchards of multiple types of fruit trees. We are SLOWLY working on creating that again.

I really really really........
have I mentioned REALLY
want to own a ride on lawnmower!

This is the path thru the back field towards the woods that we have managed to take back again. It quickly gets out of hand with rain and sun though so we have to try to keep on top of things.The backyard we take turns keeping mowed. In the next few years we've talked about planting peach, apple, pear and maybe even a few plum trees. A small strawberry patch used to be back there in a raised bed that he hopes to make happen again as well.

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