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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Where do you blog?

Where do you blog? Are you set up on a desk with a full on PC? Do you use a laptop so you can sit in the comfy chair next to the large bright window in the kitchen nook area? Are you blogging using your phone?
Do you think it makes a difference in how you write?

I have my main computer set upstairs on my desk hutch in the far side of my bedroom. The hutch holds all my "writing tools" like dictionary, thesaurus, quote journal, vodka bottle......ok so not really a bottle....more like a small flask ;)

I have a laptop but don't find myself using it for blogging. I like the feeling of sitting at my desk and writing. The desk covered with scraps of paper with quick ideas and messages jotted down in my hen scratching.

Tracy(Cedara)Dunn of Thru The Attic Door

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