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Saturday, October 01, 2011

31 Days of October

One of my best friends Heather, made a post about a blog challenge that she is taking part in for October. Right away I was all jumping around my creative space and thinking OH too! Me too! Then just as quickly, I stubbed my toe, lost my footing and landed face first into the mountain of doll parts and painted canvas on the floor by the end of the bed.
Seems as I am up to my eyeballs with muslin, thread, paint tubes, canvas and dirty water for a craft market in less then a is the scoop :

I sat down and quickly made myself a logo. Figured best way to get ready to commit is to have spent time fighting with the PSP program I have. Nothing gets the creative mojo flowing like that. So the logo is now added (and I'm actually loving it).

I wrote on bright post it notes and stuck them in strategic places that will catch my eye each day, like the desk and my panty drawer......I will do my best to sit down at some point in each day and add something to the blog. Sometimes you might luck out and get a big old ramble about something. Other days, it could be a snapshot of something I'm sewing on or maybe painting. Other days you may hear what I had for lunch and see a photo of one of my cats.

I'll do my best to aim high ;)

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