Shabby Miss Jenn

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Get Some Air

I've never watched the tv show "Gossip Girl" but this quote is attributed to it. I've seen it posted to Tumblr and Flickr and it's always just struck a cord with me. Who ever said it first...I thank you.

Some mornings while waiting for the sun to peek it's first light over the tops of the trees, I get thinking about so many things. That is how I decided now was the time to dust off the blog and begin writing again. Too much happening in my life to not be pouring my thoughts and feelings out. There are times I second guess myself or have doubts tossed my way. That's when this quote rings loudest in my head.

There is no need to give you the play by play off how a blog went stale and how I lost myself for too long.
Who wants to read that drivel while sipping their latte? I'm just going to put it behind me, dust myself off once again and work hard at keeping a promise to a dear friend that I would begin to write again.

If you have been feeling a bit lost as well...... step outside and get some air.
It really does work wonders.


Sue Allemand said...

Love your thoughts Cedara! Wow - I haven't called you that for a long time now! But I think it fits -- for you to get back to where you "fit" -- get back where you belong inside of "you"... for you are and always will be an awesome,wonderful, light-hearted, funny girl to me! That girl I met online, oh so many years ago - that stood out in the sea of people on the internet - and touched my heart (and my funnybone)! LOVE and HUGS!!

Cedara_ThruTheAtticDoor said...

You made as equally huge an impact in my life. Thank you for your kind words. I made myself laugh this morning though. In this post I said I wasn't going to go on about why I stopped posting. In today's post I told the tale! hahaha
Hope you will continue to stop back and read.