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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Custom Embroidery

Haven't been able to wipe the smile from my face since this all started to fall into place.
I am so excited about my new hat. Sounds silly but it's the little things that make me smile.
This is a photo of me snapped the other morning. The weather was rainy and just blah. I wanted to be silly and have some fun. Notice the hat???  It's my husbands. Due to all the construction that is happening at the farmhouse (as you can tell by the lovely background in the photo), it can be a bit chilly at times even inside the house. We wear these lightweight hats to keep the edge off. We laugh and call them "house hats". Well he usually wears this one and I'm stuck wearing one with a construction company logo or tool company name. YUCK. They work. They keep the chill off but it doesn't suit me or my style.


My friend Karrie of Briar Rose Embroidery.,she is coming to my rescue and I have been doing the happy dance ever since. She is going to be making custom embroidered patches to sew onto my own hats. I have picked a few hats up and have them stacked on my craft table. I bought a cream color, a pink and a black.

Look at the design she is creating for me into a patch.
How perfect, right???? I can't stop smiling.
I am thinking I need one of the patches to be sewn to a crafting apron to match.
Seriously so many ideas raced thru my head. I'm going to have a blast using these.
She has numerous designs that she can create a custom embroidered item with.

Look at these embroidery designs. Think of the fun and unique items to be embroidered for yourself or your crafty friends. Karrie does amazing work and is really wonderful to work with. I can't speak higher of her business.


I am going to have a few "extra" patches stitched and then slip them into cards to friends. Wouldn't it make you smile to open a note and have one of these designs fall out to sew onto something for yourself??
What a fun easy thing to send a friend, right?? Think of the possible smiles that would happen.

If you are crafty.
If you have friends that are.
Scoot yourself right over to Briar Rose Embroidery
Have something custom embroidered for you and send a smile!

She also does custom embroidered baby bibs, burp clothes, blankets, embroidered key fobs, tshirts, tote bags, and just so much more. Go check all her custom embroidery out! You can not go wrong by having her create something for you.

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Ellen (Tracy) said...

Cedara, you look beautiful! Love the hat and girl, have you lost weight? You look amazing!!!