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Monday, June 17, 2013


So yesterday was a day where we seemed to have sunshine. Took advantage of it and puttered about in the garden. Then as the afternoon strolled by, my husband looked at me and asked about heading back to my folks camp for a quick drive. Sure! Would make for a nice break. He tossed our camping chairs into the car while I scooted to grab my camera.

The meadow has lots of dead trees floating in it that on warm sun filled days, turtles climb out of the water and sunbath on. I was hoping to be able to get a few photos.(He had been talking to one of his friends online and she loves turtles.These pics are for you Kimmy!)
There were a few out sunning like I had hoped so we set our camping chairs up and as I went to walk up the road to a different view, I caught movement along the side. There was a turtle right there in the grass on the road!!!!! yeahhhhhhhh

I went a little snap crazy but I couldn't stop myself. It was right there and so cool to take pics of. So get are about to see a lot of photos of a turtle ;)

I've never been this close to a turtle before and wasn't really sure what it's reaction was going to be. So I just starting snapping (parden the pun).....

I totally understand the comparison to a turtle neck sweater now. She was so pretty with her yellow and red showing.  The painted turtle is the most widespread native turtle of North America.

 Her shell had the most beautiful markings and was reflecting the sunshine just perfect. I think that is what caught my eye at first.

Love her little nostrils!

At first I thought she didn't have a tail because as I was taking the photos, it wasn't showing up.
Then she decided to move off a little ways in an attempt to get away from the crazy photographer and I spotted the cutest tail. heehee

Thought I would see just how close a shot I could capture........

This last pic shows her size compared to my shoe. By this time she was moving deeper into the grass and growth along the road. Turtles can actually move a whole lot faster then I really thought. They also hiss. That was my big clue that she'd had enough of the photo shoot and I was to find something else to occupy my time with.

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Julie said...

Great shots - I love taking pics of nature and its wildlife whenever I can too.