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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

How are you defined?

The other morning while chatting with an acquaintance, she told me I was one of "those people" that was easiest to describe to her other friends. I was a bit perplexed by this and asked her what she meant. She said that I didn't hide the real me from anyone. She knew all about me. She used finger quotes.


One of those people?? She knows everything about me??? I sometimes have forgotten what this woman's last name is. We are CASUAL friends. Like every few months, we may run into each other while buying milk; sort of friends.

So it got my mind racing of course....... how do folks see me?
Am I an open book? Do I not have moments of "me" that aren't all out in someone's face?
Am I easily defined by others?
Do their definitions effect how I see myself or how I project onto others?
Are they seeing the real me?

I did what had to be done...... I went to Facebook and asked folks to describe me.

 beautiful soul that makes me smile
 thought provoking
 Down to earth
 enjoys the simple things
 very poetic 
 free spirit
 Talented artist
beautiful on the inside and out
no inhibitions
nut job
true all the way to the bone friend
Funny and encouraging
sometimes moody 
Extremely creative
totally non-judgmental
Kaleidoscope...colorful and full of endless possibilities

Now let me just add "humbled" to that list.

I don't do fake well.
I'm really bad at faking being nice.
You will totally hear about it if I find YOU happen to be coming across as fake.

I try my very best to project my authentic self.
In my mind, the world would be a much happier place if fake just never happened.
I'm not saying it's all sunshine and glorious kitty kisses all the time.
There are plenty of times that I can be quite the little cloud of fire and brimstone and it's a good idea to keep a wide berth.

I'm a firm believer in energy and what you project outward is also what gets reflected back at you.
As I've grown older, I've done my best to draw into my circle those that  bring with them:

Laughter..... the kind that makes your sides ache
Silliness.... the kind that makes you feel young at heart
Joy... from the mere mention of their name in conversation
Inspiration.... for my artwork, my home, how to be a better "me"

and my closest friends bring me LIGHT.

Too many of my days are fought fighting the darkness of my soul.
I draw upon the Light of my friends to heal on those days.

From those that took the time to answer my question on Facebook, I thank you.
Your answers showed that I'm walking the right path.
Those are amazing ways to be described by others.
I promise to continue to be just who I am!


Cindy said...

Lovely post and beautiful pictures of a beautiful (inside and out) girl...

Cat Kelley said...


mary ray said...

The pleasure goes to those who know you. Huge hugs always to an incredibly caring and interesting person! You are truly one of a kind!

Winslowwoman said...

And as the song says, "I love you just the way you are!"...can't believe we left out anything about bacon! lol :) <3