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Friday, January 31, 2014

Newspaper Covered Wall and it's connection to my heart

We live in an old farmhouse that belonged to my husbands parents.
It's in the midst of renovations but some areas are
 getting closer to being finished.
 He and I both are drawn towards unique and eclectic items. 
We are not the type to be pigeon-holed
 into one style for our home.

This is upstairs and used to be two bedrooms. He took out the wall between the rooms and
 added an extra window for more light.
 This has been transformed into what
we use as a living room
while downstairs gets renovated.

 See that pile of pink and yellow insulation
 in the next photo?
That is where he built a small dividing wall.

The wall looked like this....and yes....we've been painting color 
on a few of the finished walls too
This needed "something" but we couldn't
pinpoint what we wanted.
It's kind of an odd space to do.
Top of the stairs.

He looked at me one evening and said
I know what we are going to do
 on the wall.

say what?
{Looks to see how much wine
 is missing from the bottle.}
Laughing,he explained watching me apply scrapbook paper
 to a canvas I was getting ready to paint
and the newspaper idea had come to him.
He explained his concept a bit more and I said alright,
 how about I take your idea
one step further?
I went to Facebook and asked friends from all around the world,
if they would send us a newspaper.
We'd end up with different
languages and we'd be able to look at the wall
and instantly think of each of our friends
 who sent us something.
He loved going to the mailbox
and bringing in the packages.
I am VERY blessed that so many of my friends
said they'd send us papers.
He liked hearing who the friend was
 and where I knew them from.
We had a fantastic stack of newspaper happening
and then the other day,
he looked at me and said we are going to start the wall.
He prepped it and we
spread papers on the floor.

 Chose sections of the paper that showcased
where the paper had come from.
Colors and headlines that caught his fancy.

 He applied the paper with this thick goop stuff.
 Wallpaper paste.
Seems to have worked with no issue.

and this is the finished wall
that we are madly loving!

We are letting it sit and fully dry for a few days.
The odd wrinkle that appeared just adds to the
character of the piece.
He could have smoothed it out but 
wasn't worried about it.
He is going to apply a few coats of Varathane
and then we'll begin prepping the other wall
 in this same space.
It's a little bit larger so we'll be 
needing to get more newspapers ;) 


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emmyray said...

This wall is. Amazing!