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Monday, January 06, 2014

Six Days into my Word of the Year *Expand*

Six days doesn't seem like much but I'm excited already in the ways I've chosen to weave my word of the year *Expand* into my life for 2014. Sitting down at my desk, I took out sheets of paper and just wrote what flowed from my heart. I didn't want to overwhelm myself with too many areas at once though. In large letters I wrote "BUSINESS" down and then started jotting what flashed thru my mind.


Those are the key aspects of my creative soul.
How was I going to expand on those?
Reach within.
Reach out.
Other artists

The pieces of paper filled quickly.
Notes and scribbles soon gave way to structure.
Different colors were used to draw my attention to important key thoughts.

I dream of expanding my art so it only made sense to look for art courses.
Having had such great joy and learning experiences with Jeanne Oliver in the past, I signed up for her latest course. It really took no long thinking on my part.

Studying Under the Masters

 A nine week course with over 60 discussion and technique videos from these amazing artists:
Katie Kendrick, Stephanie Lee, Kate Thompson, Christy Tomlinson, Junelle Jacobsen, Danielle Donaldson, Teresa Sheeley, Jenny Wentworth and Jeanne Oliver.

Some of the artists I already know and enjoy their work immensely. Others are new to me and it's been wonderful to peak into their world. I can feel already this was a good choice for me.

Then with a little bit more talking with fellow art loving friends, I was pointed in another direction to this incredible course.

  LifeBook 2014

This one is a year long course by Tamara Laporte and she has enlisted the help of 22 other artists as well.

There is "buzz" happening from a few of the other artists that I adore about art courses they too will be hosting this year. Will have to wait to see about joining in on those courses as well. These two that I have already signed up for are pretty intense and need my attention. I don't want to lose focus.

I looked up from my paper and scribbles and saw my camera.
Anyone that follows me on Facebook knows I am always snapping a picture of something.
I have a stack of books on the shelf behind my craft table. I'll be burying my nose in those this year again and really putting them to good use. They aren't helping me expand by gathering dust ;)

I started typing keywords into search engines and voila.
Found something that struck a cord with me.

The Workshop Workbook by Work of Heart Photography

On Facebook

Now taking pictures of children isn't really my usual subject matter BUT I do take photos of people in general. This came with a wealth of incredible information that is easily adaptable. The posing guide alone was awesome to read. My mind started racing with ideas.
I'm VERY excited to see how I expand with the aid of this investment.
Somehow the universe knew too because I've already been contacted by a family to have me take their photos later in the year. I'm thrilled!

Did you pick a word for 2014?
Have you begun to weave it into your life already?
Share how as I'd love to hear from you.

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