Shabby Miss Jenn

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Who knew I would be this excited about a Kindle?

 Those have always been the images in my head of books.
Stacks of them. 
Piles of them. 
Bookshelves overflowing.
Soft cover
Hard cover
The smell of the pages as they turn.
The sound of a spine being opened for the first time.
Bookstores have always been a source of peace and calm to me.
Hours upon hours spent just walking the aisles and touching spines.
Eye candy forever.

Then something shifted within me...

An e-reader.
My book loving brain was talking crazy talk.

I started tossing the idea around of maybe wanting to own an e-reader.
A wealth of books all held in one place.
I asked friends which ones they had.
Pros and cons.
Some of my friends were totally against the idea of an e-reader.
Some of my friends that I knew breathed books, actually said they had one.
I started looking around and researching thinking that at some point in the 2014,
I would look into getting one.


Christmas 2013

My husband who for the most part truly has such a horrible time with the holiday season,
called my mother one day while I was at work.
He wanted to know if there was anything that I'd maybe been talking about wanting.
Something that he would be able to surprise me with for Christmas.
Her mind went blank ( really Mom?! haha)
After talking with some other family members, she called him back and told him
about my interest in an e-reader.
Order one.
That is what I'll get her.

On Christmas day, he told me my gift was delayed in arrival due to the ice storms
we had been having. A look of confusion crossed my face.
We had already purchased something for the farmhouse and that is what we said
was going to be our gift to each other.

He looked at me and said..... I got you the Kindle you wanted.
Tears sprang to my eyes as my heart swelled with love for this man.
I was blown away by this gesture from him.

I have stalked the mailbox every day since.
Tracking number.
Calls to the Post Office.
More bad weather. More delays.
A call to work last night.
UPS had knocked on the door and it was here.

Today starts a new journey within my love for reading.
I'm already to spark that bad boy up and download my first e-book.

I've got plans to snuggle on the sofa under my quilt and read.



emmyray said...

Kindle was the best thing I ever got. So many books are only a download away. So many e-books from the library, its like magical. I hope you'll love it as much as I do.

jennifer768 said...

Books have always held a place in my heart.I never thought that I would like a Kindle but have to tell you I was so wrong.I love it! Have fun exploring it.Happy New Year!Blessings,Jen