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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Can you drive by a yard sale?

Yard sales! Who doesn't love spending the day going to yardsales!?!
The weekend has turned out amazing! The sun is out and so are the tables in everyones yards with goodies! I love this time of year. Everyone has spent the winter months tripping over and moving stuff around their home. Now with the warmer weather, they have gathered those items up and placed them for sale for all of us!

I don't drive but am lucky that Eric loves to go to yard sales! We are going to drive around this weekend and see what unique treasures we can stumble aross.
I am hoping to find a few items that I can create a special prim doll with!
Maybe something for her to hold. Maybe a vinyage piece of fabric to make her dress from.

Wish me luck! I'll share pictures of anything great!

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