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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Needle Felting Doll Hair

This is how I needle felt my doll hair. Some may do it different. Some may do it exactly like this.
Get yourself a set and play around with it. Once you needle felt will be doing hair that way alot!

The doll head has already been stuffed and is nice and firm. I take a piece of the sheeps wool and place it across the seam of the dolls head. Holding the felting needle very carefully....they are very sharp and HURT like the dickens when you jab your finger! I start jabbing the needle thru the wool right into the dolls head.
( if you are in the least bit of a foul mood...OmGoodness this is a great way to release your frustration!lol)

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You continue jabbing the needle thru the wool until you can see it is attaching. What is happening is the needle has tiny barbs cut into it. Those barbs are "grabbing" the sheeps wool as they go down inside the doll. The barbs are then "catching" the stuffing inside and messing them together. The more you jab the needle down into the stuffing....more of the wool is being attached.
You can see here the tiny pieces that have attached.

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You can add as many pieces of the wool as you wish your doll to have. Just keep jabbing with the needle where ever you wish the wool to attach.
Before you know it....your doll has a full head of sheeps wool for hair!
Doesn't she look so very prim!

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Zeppellina said...

Hi there!

Just thought I`d drop in for a wee visit...Your dolls really are wonderful!
You have an amazing talent there......
looking good!

Will drop by again!

Cedara_ThruTheAtticDoor said...

Thanks for stopping back by!
I do love making these gals:)

lucy said...

I'll be mentioning you on Prim Sisters Talk Radio on Monday October 19th.

I hope you don't mind my sending people to your blog to see how to needle felt hair.It's hard to explain with words and you covered it beautifully. Lucy