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Monday, June 27, 2005

~~Cinnamon Bun Creations~~

Does the smell of cinnamon buns just make you close your eyes and have your tummy grumble? If you just nodded YES then have I got a site for you to check out!

This website is now called Cinnamon Bun Creations and is so chalk full of goodies!
A friend of mine Raelene runs this site so when you place your order...make sure to tell her that Cedara sent ya! LOL

Look at some of her great goodies you could have in your home right now!

Don't these look amazing? I would have to have one of these burning all the time! LOL

Or if instead of candles....... you wanted to toss some super strong smelling cinnamon buns in with your latest bowl of prim fixens.......can you imagine anything more prim looking then these in a bowl? You get 50 of them!

Run right over to her website right now and order some of the most awesome scented goodies for your home!

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