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Sunday, June 05, 2005

It's like I'm 7 again and like to be dirty!!!!!

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The longer I am sewing and creating primitives....its like something crazy takes over your brain. Although with my brain...didn't know it could get any more wacky in there! It started out with a nice simple dunk in a pot of tea for most of my items.

Now a good strong pot of coffee..... a few cinnamon sticks floating around....the odd piece of roughed up nutmeg.....and a good dash of vanilla....and my fabric is soaking for hours! Then the fence gets covered with it all so it can dry in the sun and get grungy in the heat!

I love how each piece of fabric never looks like another that I have done. Everyone does their fabric different. You sort of fool around until you find something that clicks. My hands always seem to have a slight tinch of coffee to them...which right now saves on the fake tan. Note to self...must splash some coffee mixture on my legs! LOL

Rule to remember.... Its Primitive...not Perfect!


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Brooke said...

AMEN!!! BTW...My hands are permanently stain with caffee also!! ;)