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Sunday, June 05, 2005

When you least expect it...a DREAM gets droped in your lap!!!

I had belonged to Primmart's online community for a good few months. A friend had told me about the site when it could be seen that "cute creations" weren't really my thing. Dip it in coffee or drag it thru a mud puddle!
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The Christmas season was rolling close and I had been tossing the idea around of maybe opening a website to sell my creations. I had only been sewing for less then a year and was nervous beyond words.

I woke one morning to my DREAM coming true before my eyes!
I had been given my shop and customs graphics by some "elves"!!!!!
Have never been so excited and scared of anything in my life!

The best way I think there is of getting your feet wet with the notion of a website!
I celebrated my one year anniversary of being online in March 2005 and am pushing forward stronger then ever! always has something exciting happening with it and this BLOG is the latest!


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Brooke said...

My dream also came true, thanks to the little "elves" ;) And I too was Excited and scared!! LOL I am very grateful to a part of the Prim Mart community!