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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Thru the Attic Door Doll Secret #1! LOL

Many times I have been asked this question so I thought I would sit down and blog about it tonight. Its not something I expect everyone to start doing. It works for me and I thought I'd pass the info on is all.

I do NOT buy muslin to create my dolls from!
There.....I have said it. Its down in print in black and white! LOL

Nova Scotia is blessed with some wonderful second hand shops and I am quite the shopper at them! I go to them every few weekends and buy every WHITE COTTON BEDSHEET I can lay my hands upon.

My secret is out!
All of my dolls have been created from bedsheets that I have dunked in my special blend of coffee and spices. My "witches brew" as family loves to call it.
I have a huge old lobster pot or I just fill the kitchen sink with my witches brew.
Either can hold a good number of sheets at a time. I think the most I have done at one time is 7 sheets! That is ALOT of dolls! LOL

You can cut and sew a wicked amount of doll parts from one bedsheet!
So next time you are out to the local second hand store....check the linen!!!!!!!!!


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