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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Beneath the Willow Tree ~ July article

Once again I am thrilled to announce that I have written another article for Beneath the Willow Tree. Sitting down each month and sharing stories from the attic has been so much fun for me.
Thank you all for the wonderful feedback:) That always inspires my writing.

Here is a small excerpt from my article.....

" Something different would draw me up those oak stairs each time. The railing worn smooth by the many hands gripping it while climbing to the attic door. The step that was third from last creaked when you stepped down. The paper was slightly peeling from the wall where years earlier, one of the cats had scratched it . Everyone in the family had something stored in that attic at some point.When you pushed open the oak were in the middle of the attic. If you looked left, you could see and hear the flies buzz in the far window that faced the backyard and old horse barn. I never went to that part of the attic. The floor boards shifted under your feet and used to scare me. The lone light bulb didn't send much light to that end of the attic. Cobwebs could easily be walked into at that end I shudder as I recall that. The right side of the attic held most of the treasures and holds most of my memories.......... ".

Please read my full article and enjoy a wonderful newsletter brought to you by Primmart.


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