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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Connecting to your "inner child"............

What things do you still do NOW that you used to do as a child? What ways do you connect to that "inner child"?

Blowing bubbles! ~ I love to blow bubbles and just watch them float away in the breeze. We bought these cool bubbles that harden slightly and you can catch and stack them! SO COOL~

Swing! ~ I love to go to a kids playground area and sit on the swings. I like the feel when I tip back and can see the world upside down. I like dragging my toes thru the dirt under the swing!LOL

Water Balloons! ~ Now I'm not talking getting hit with a ballon that someone has just sent flying at me from nowhere. We have this contraption that holds a water balloon and has a timer on it.
You pass it around ....kind of like the game Hot potato......and when the timer ends...... POP!
The balloon breaks and you are soaked. OH my goodness that is so much fun on a hot day to play! You never know who it will be!
(There will be pictures of this happening soon to follow because I took the ball over to Grant and Carole's last night! We'll be playing that this weekend! LOL)


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