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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Country Marketplace........ I'm in an AD!!!!!!!

I am in the August issue and am just beyond excited! Its the first time I have ever seen my business name in print before. I am taking part in the Primitive Artisans Fall Faire. The ad in the CM is to promote the Faire. You can find the ad on page 33. I am shown on the top right hand corner of the page!!!!!

My image is shown under the word SHOPPING....think I can take that as a good omen?! LOL

Make sure to stop by .

The Faire runs from August 29- September 30 2005.

When you go to the website right now, you can click the Artisans Directory and click the venders names...... you will be directed to our websites until the Faire actually starts up.

BOOKMARK IT! You won't want to miss what I am creating just for the FAire. Some very unique OOAK dolls are being born!


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