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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Guestbooks........ Good or Evil ??????

Guestbooks for a website seem to cause so much talk. There are as many that think its a good idea as those that think its a bad one. In my personal experience, I LOVE my guestbook.
I have it set up with the option that I get to read and grant all the entries first before they appear in my book. Takes a bit of time but that way the spam and crazy stuff that seems to flood some books is not there.

I have met some wonderful folks from sending back a quick email thanking them for signing my guestbook. I have gathered some great insight on what folks liked on my website.
When you sign others guestbooks it also helps raise your website in the search engine rankings. The more places that those google spiders can find your business name...the higher ranked your website will be for folks to find you!

Go on....spend some time and sign some books!
Get a guestbook for folks to sign on your website!
Its going to be a simple and easy investment for your website!


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