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Sunday, July 03, 2005

HEY! Can you turn the music UP?????

I love to listen to music while I am crafting. I think to hear music helps the creative juices flow thru my fingers. Very rare for you to step into my room and not hear something playing on the radio or thru my MP3 player on my computer.
Eric can tell when I am spending time on his computer as I have the tunes cranking from his computer room! LOL

Todays tunes of choice were......

Joss loving the gravel sound of this young lady. She blows my mind!I am a huge Joplin fan and she reminds me of her so much. I think I also like the fact Joss is always in her barefeet. You have to love that!

Rob Thomas ( MatchBox20)........ I can't help but get the funk going with him. My foot is tapping. My hand is smacking my thigh....I sing along LOUD! As a solo album....I really like it!

Had some Nelly tunes going for a bit till I figured I needed a low key kinda vibe going and switched to Joss. Maybe Nelly will get me grooving tomorrow instead.


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Kel said...

OMG Cedara thank you!!! I was talkin about Rob Thomas last night but i couldn't think of his name for the life of me ROFL. Off to buy that one when i go into town on Tuesday!! :D