Shabby Miss Jenn

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Prefer mine Sundried please

Sundried sheets that is!
Yet another little secret I am sharing with you folks:)

I like to take the piles of bedsheets that I have already soaked in the "witches brew".
(You have already read about that! LOL). Take the sheets outside to dry in the sun.
It sometimes takes a bit longer then if I tossed them in the dryer. I like the effect on the sheets that the sun does.

I usually toss them over the edge of the picket fence by the bluebery field. Not straight and even either. I like there to be rolls and wrinkles in the fabric as it drys. Gives a darker stained effect in the creases! Sometimes I even spray it down again in areas with leftover "witches brew" that I have placed in a bottle.

I find that if I dry things in the evens out the stains. I like my gals to have a good streak or two in them! The sun does this!


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