Shabby Miss Jenn

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Roasting Marshmallows from Heaven

Roasting marshmallows!
Who doesn't love to do that.....right now in the back yard. Or down by the beach at the camp.
Or if you just have to have stick one in a fork and use the flame from a lighter!

The classic roasted marshmallow is a good one but I am going to share a special treat with you.
All my friends get together down on the shore and do them this way!

You take your marshmallow and stick the end of the roasting stick inside.Don't push all the way thru. Pull the stick back out.
Take 3 chocolate chips (we always use milk choc chips) and place inside the hole.
Take 3 blueberries (fresh picked that day from my parents 2 acres of wild berries!)

Turn so the hole is now on the top.
Carefully poke the marshmallow again with the stick...... start roasting over the coals.
When it gets goden brown......remove carefully and pop it in your mouth!
The berries are hot...the choc chips have melted and its a little piece of heaven!!!!!




cara said...

For me, the most thrilling moment of the day is dawn, when the sun peaks over the Calaveras hills and looks down as if it were opening a gift. In the fall, the memory of that first moment of the day can stay in the air longer.

Cedara_ThruTheAtticDoor said...

I bet you have amazing sunrises!
I love when the sun sets here and you can watch it disappear into the ocean waters!