Shabby Miss Jenn

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

That name escape your mind????

You know how that happens. You create a doll and while doing it.....have a name all picked out.
But then when you get her all done...she doesn't quite look like the name?
Here is a list of names for just that moment.

How about one of these names?

Adelaide *Adeline * Althea *Amelia *Annabelle *Arabella *Beatrice *Bertha *Belle *Beulah Camille * Cecilia *Cecily *Celeste *Charlotte *Clara * Clarinda *Clarissa *Claudia *Clementine Cordelia *Corinne *Delia* Dolores* Dorothy *Edith *Eleanor* Elise *Eliza *Elnora *Eloise* Elsa Elspeth *Emmeline *Erma *Ernestine *Ethel *Etta *Eudora *Eugenia *Evangeline *Felicity *Francine *Frances *Genevieve *Georgia *Gladys *Hazel* Helen *Henrietta *Hester *Ida *Iris *Isadora *Jemima *Josephine *Leonora *Lila *Lisette *Louisa *Loretta *Lucia *Lucinda Lucretia Lydia *Mabel *Marion *Martha *Matilda *Mavis *Melinda * Meredith *Millicent Miriam *Myra *Nadine *Naomi *Octavia *Opal *Pearl *Phoebe *Priscilla *Regina *Roberta Rosalind *Rosemary *Ruth *Simone *Sonya *Stella *Susannah *Sylvia *Theodora *Theodosia Vada *Viola *Violet *Virginia *Vivian *Wilhelmina *Willa *Winifred *Zella



Dawn~frenchhillcountry said...

I am glad you found Octavia. I have a little boy who is named Octavio and I just think it is a great name.

Cedara_ThruTheAtticDoor said...

Thanks for sharing:)
I love old fashioned names for my creations.