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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Get addicted!!!!!!!

The key to writing............... is to write and develop a habit.
I used to write all the time and then stopped for reasons that don't matter much now.
Started writing my newsletter for my website and it "sparked my soul".
I was wanting to write more and more.
Folks were commenting to me that they enjoyed my style of writing and what I was talking about in my newsletters.
The newsletter comes out once a month and I soon found myself thinking....I need to write more often then that! LOL
A friend of mine sent an email and his blog address was included in the note. My interest was peeked! So spent the next little while learning about blogging. This has now exploded into so much fun! LOL

~ how often are you able to write?
~ how often will you REALLY sit down to write?
~ how many topics off the top of your head can you think to write about?
~ if only chosing ONE topic.....can you write more then just a few articles about it?

Writing is a big commitment but so fullfilling in the long run.
My creativity level is soaring right now. So many ideas have come about from seeing something and wanting to either write about it or create it myself. Things are altered and born again in my imagination. I want to share so much with so many! LOL


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