Shabby Miss Jenn

Thursday, August 11, 2005

So since reading have started your own??

It makes me smile to get the emails from folks saying that because of reading my blog...they have now started their own. That is such a compliment! THANK YOU!

It really is quite simple to do. Some are doing it to aid in the business.
Some are opting to chat about their hobbies. Some are blogging about their homelife.
Its all FUN!

Mine is of course hosted thru
Its FREE and we all love that.
Its simple enough to follow that I think anyone can write a blog.
The more computer knowledge you have, the more in depth your blog can become.
I like mine SIMPLE. LOL

I will now start sharing some "blogging tips" since quite a few of you readers are blogging now too:) Make sure to share your blog page with me...... I would love to read them!