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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Interview with a Friend ~ American Prim

The next person I sent my questions to was my friend Megan of AMERICAN PRIM. Her friendship is such a wonderful part of my life!

Here are her answers!

1. When did you first start creating and then selling your creations?
About 3 years ago. I went from being a working mom (USAF) to being a stay at home mom and needed something of my own to keep busy!...I found Primmart while searching for "grubby recipes" (LOL!) and have been there ever since! The ladies convinced me to open an ezshoppe-for the money I figured it couldn't hurt! After that, I started carrying items at some local stores and then across the states. I do craft shows now, too.

2. Many romanticize the idea of running a craft business from home. What are two things you know now about having a home-based craft business, that you wish you knew when you started your own business?
That it takes alot of work-alot more than I thought it ever would! Not just in creating-but putting in time for advertising, site work, paper work etc...and #2 would be that you have to have a schedule or else the work will take over-and with a family you have to put them first! It's hard to be creative on a schedule but I've learned to jot my ideas in a journal and I can come back to them when it's "work" time!

3.What advice can you give potential craft business owners about marketing their product? Get your name out there...Do your research, hit up fellow business owners for advice...hire a professional if you have to. Have a newsletter!! Use it to market new products, offer specials, and to tell folks what's up and coming!Offer something unique-work on creating something that is "yours". I started out using other designers doll patterns and learning different techniques and then branched out to making my own and putting my own spin on them. Packagine speaks volumes-not just your product but your site also! Keep your site fresh by adding new products on a routine basis and letting others know when you update. Put your business name on EVERYTHING! It helps to have a logo or trademark so that when folks see your products they know it's yours without even seeing your business name!GREAT customer service should be your top goal!! There are alot of businesses out there who sell basically the same type of items-what makes one stand out from the rest is the level of customer service!! Communicate with your buyers and let them know that you appreciate their business!

4. What is your typical crafting day like?
Crazy! I have 3 kids and the oldest 2 go to school. Once they are at school I can sit down and check in on the message boards I belong to, work on paper work, marketing, newsletter stuff etc...When the baby takes a nap I get out my sewing stuff and work on new dolls, patterns and other items. I do alot of work at night when the kids go to bed. I have a wonderful hubby who never hesitates to help me!!

5.What sparks your creativity?Who inspires you? I like looking thru magazines!! I get inspired looking at the work that other crafters do! I am inspired by those who have taken the time to make their business succesful!

6. What do you LOVE to work on? What do you HATE? I love to draw out patterns & sew!! I hate waiting on paint to dry!

You can check out Megan's goodies at
She also has a wonderful "how to" blog that I think you should see

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