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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Interview with a Friend ~ Me MyShelf and I Designs

My friend Robin has always been such an inspiration to me and I wanted to see what she'd say to my questions.

Here are her answers!

1. When did you first start creating and then selling your creations? I found Prim Mart about 4 years ago and fell in love with Primitive Decor and creations and started making some things just for myself...One day a friend suggested I get my own website through Prim Mart , so I decided to get an EZ Shoppe first to get my feet wet. That did pretty well for a few years and I learned alot and really started to " find my own style"....I just opened a DIY site last year and I'm trying to expand my "Prim Horizons" a little.

2. Many romanticize the idea of running a craft business from home. What are two things you know now about having a home-based craft business, that you wish you knew when you started your own business? If you want your business to be a "business" ..then you need to act like it is just that..It has it's own place in your life just as any "job" would. You can't take it everywhere you go, or allow it to interfere in relationships or other areas of your life, but...on the same order, it has a very important place and that means, time set aside just for anything to do with your business,e.g. , designing, creating, working on your site, advertising, etc.

3.What advice can you give potential craft business owners about marketing their product?
What is your "passion" ??? Find that and run with it, but, do try to find a way to incorporate your style or your love into what people want, in the "venue" you are in. It's like this..You don't go to a grocery store to buy furniture....well people don't usually come to a "Prim" site to buy "Country Froo Froo"...Sounds harsh maybe, but that is the way it is....Nothing wrong with different styles of Prim or country and there will always be a market for various styles, but are you advertising in the proper "venue" to match what potential customers are looking for ?.With that in order....go everywhere and anywhere and "toot" your horn, but make sure you do it with some humility....LOL....remember "Pride goeth before a fall".....There will always be bigger and better and higher priced items than your own...that's ok, some day maybe you will be there too, for now, be happy with what you are doing, but "do it well" !

4. What is your typical crafting day like? I usually get up around 6am to get my youngest off to school and then get the house in order a little...After that it's time to get down to business. I get in slumps and it is hard to stay focused , but I do try to get at least something creative and constructive done every day. I'm slower than most. I design all my own dolls and such, so alot of my time is spent just sitting and "thinking"...Plus I am not very decisive ..I will take hours sometimes just to decide what buttons to use or hair to put on, or how to do the eyes or nose, etc. Sorry, not very exciting, but until lightning strikes and I get a "divine" idea, I'm a slow poke !...LOL

5.What sparks your creativity?Who inspires you? When I see a creation by someone else, I think to myself, "what do I like and not like about that"? if I created something similar, what colors would I use, what fabric, so on ...sometimes, an idea for something just pops into my head ...I do pray about it...After all, the way I see it, I didn't get what little talent I have on my own, it is God given and He is the " Creator of Creativity" so who better to consult with, eh????

6. What do you LOVE to work on? What do you HATE? I love working on a Fresh new idea.....the very first of any item I make...after that I get bored...I hate repetitive work. I get sooo bored and frustrated making 20 of the same thing..... If I could, every doll or stitchery or any thing I make would all be "one of a kinds" , but sometimes I do have to make 2 or 3 of my dolls or whatever, if I want to make any money...LOL....

THANKS ROBIN! Please make sure to scoot over to Robin's website. She has some wonderful prim goodies that I don't want you to miss.

You can also find her on EBAY! Ebay ID : themommy06

Prim Blessings!



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