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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Interview with a Friend ~ R&KCreations

Talk about INSPIRATION! My friend Karen is always creating something that I just have to have! LOL I wanted to make sure she was on my list of folks to send this batch of questions to.

Here's her answers!

1. When did you first start creating and then selling your creations?
I started painting about 11 years ago. I mostly painted on wood surfaces
that my husband, Rick, would cut out for me. I sold a few things here and
there. I had a booth at a craft mall. But soon it was just too much work.
So, I started making my own designs and making patterns. It's only been
within the last year and a half that I have started making sewing
patterns. I just LOVE it!!!

2. Many romanticize the idea of running a craft business from home.
What are two things you know now about having a home-based craft business,
that you wish you knew when you started your own business?
1-How much time it actually took promoting your business and updating your
website. It seems that that is what takes up most of my crafting day!
2-The amount of space an clutter it takes to create something new! LOL!!
(Hubby isn't too happy with that one! ) LOL!!

3.What advice can you give potential craft business owners about marketing
their product?
Find as many contacts/people you can to help you promote your business and
make your name and products known!
Join online groups! That is the one thing that seemed to help my business
the most! You get the added exposure and awesome new friends too!!!
Also, have confidence in what you make and do! That was (and still is) my
biggest problem! Remember, no one can do exactly what you can! You are
unique! I think everyone has something to offer! There is always people
interrested in what you do or make! you just have to find them!
Don't be afraid to try new things! Try a new medium! If you paint, try
sewing. If you sew, try sculpting. Just find something you always wanted
to learn and do it! This also helps your creativity!

4. What is your typical crafting day like?
Lets see....typical? I get up and get my 2 older girls off to school.
Then I have to switch on Dora the Explorer, or whatever my 3 year old
seems to be in the mood for, get her occupied and sit at my computer.
This is where I do most of my work! On a tiny computer desk! LOL!! I draw
out designs that have been in my head. If one really inspires me I just
HAVE to make it THAT day! LOL!! I do most of my tracing and cutting on my
living room floor! LOL!! I have my sewing machine at my kitchen table.
(All the while still in view of my 3 year old! LOL!) I have to take
breaks every now and then to refill sippy cups and get snacks. Her
favorite thing to do is roll up in my fabric that I have spread on the
floor for cutting! LOL!!
My work day ends as soon as my girls get off the bus! Then it's homework,
dinner, and then bed! (unless, of course, I didn't finish the project that
I HAD to get done! LOL!! Then I'm up LATE!)

5.What sparks your creativity?Who inspires you?
Lots of things inspire me! I have kept every craft magazine I have EVER
bought! (Hubby HATES all the boxes that I have!) I sort them out into
seasons. When I need to work on a different season, I get out my old
magazines and look through them....this gets me in the "mode" for that
season. It's hard to want to create Christmas crafts when its summer! So
this helps a LOT! But here is the secret to my creativity.....are you
ready? After I go through all my magazines....I take a NAP!!!!! LOL!!!
Rick (DH) thinks I'm being lazy! LOL!! I tell him it's all part of my
work! I don't know why I do this! But after I wake up, I'm just FULL of
I had to explain to him once that if he sees me just staring off into
space, or it looks like I'm just being lazy, that I am actually VERY busy!
LOL!!! My mind is ALWAYS on! When I get this way, I am usually visualizing
how a craft would come together, or how to explain a certain technique for
a pattern. This usually comes after I have a sketch of something I want
to make.
My daughters actually come up with sketches and drawings of ideas too! My
oldest (10) comes to me and makes suggestions on what I should make! It
great to get a fresh perspective!
Taking a walk, listening to music, watching movies (Comedy, of course!!!)
or just talking to someone will inspire me to make something.

6. What do you LOVE to work on? What do you HATE?
I LOVE working on a new idea or concept that I have! I HATE writing up
instructions for the pattern! LOL!!!
I get bored pretty fast, so I LOVE making new creations everyday! I hate
making the same thing over and over again!

THANKS KAREN! Those were great answers! If you love patterns....then make sure to stop by and see what Karen has created next!

Name: Karen Nieforth
website URL:
Ebay ID: rkcreations

Prim Blessings!

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