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Saturday, April 29, 2006

The fabric mountain becomes CANADIAN!!!! LOL

So many folks had brought different supplies to be used for the doll challenge. The table was just COVERED with everything you could think of to want to create a doll with. THANK YOU LADIES!

After the fabric pieces had been gone thru for dresses..... there was a HUGE pile of fabric left over. It was talked about and decided byt those that "donated"......that tickets would be given out and 2 of us would be lucky enough to split the pile of fabric.

Shelly walked around asking who wanted tickets......... you know I stood right up and said PLEASE! LOL Marnie and Heather(the other canadians) were at my table as well and took tickets. A few others did as well. Some of the others took tickets and said if they won that they were going to give it to us Canadian sistas! AWWWWW XOXOXOXOXO

Well.....Shelly goes to the front of the room again......shakes the bag with the tickets and pulls out two tickets. She says....oh look at that.....they are 2 numbers right after each other.

Marnie leans over to me and laughs.....wouldn't it be funny if it was our numbers?!

IT WAS!!!!!!!!! Shelly says our 2 numbers and we just erupted in squeals of joy and laughter!
Marnie and I fought the urge to race up there and nose dive into the mountain!LOL

We dance and shake our good luck booty up to the table and just start pawing it all over! LOL
I then get a brain wave!
Looked at Marnie and said...... how about I take it all to my room and split everything between us. Anything that is large enough to rip in 2.....we each get a piece. Instead of "oh I wish I'd gotten that piece" kinda thing happening.
She was so up for that idea!

Into a HUGE box it all goes and off to my room.
Sheila then comes up to me with another huge box of fabric and says.....take this fabric too and divide it up. WOOOOHoooooo Thanks sweetie!

So back to my room and I spend the next few HOURS ripping the fabric.
Yup.....there was enough fabric that it took a good few hours to rip it all! LOL

I knew that Marnie and Heather live quite close to each other and I thought it only fair to share our new found fabric wealth with Heather as well...... so I packed the box with extra fabric so that they could go thru it in their room together.
When I brought the box and bags to Marnie and told her it was her share.....she couldn't beleive it!

I have enough fabric to hold me over for a while now! heehee
If I could just bring myself to cut it! LOL

Prim Blessings!

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