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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Gift exchange time!!!!!!

Truth be known.... I can't recall when on Sunday we exchanged our gifts. If it was before we went to lunch or after but it doesn't make a difference to the story really LOL

It was something optional for us to do so not everyone had done so which was fine.
Some of us had brought a gift worth about $25 or more to exchange.
They were placed at the front of the room on the floor.

Tickets were handed out to those taking part in the exchange.
Shelly and Mari went and would pick up a gift and then draw a ticket number..... if you had the ticket...that was the gift you got to take home.

The stuff that folks created were AWESOME! Stuff was really blowing me away! Folks really put some time and effort into their gift bags and everyone was just so beyond happy with what they were getting. It was so fun to watch folks opening them up and seeing the reactions.

Mari reached down and picked up 2 matching bags with all kinds of that shredded pink stuff from easter filling them. My ticket number was called and i let this hoot out of me cause I got SHERRY's GIFT BAG! heehee

I brought the bags back to my seat and near burst into tears! I was lucky enough to recieive 2 of her awesome dolls! (She had already spoiled me by giving me a doll she had made me wearing halloween fabric friday night!) so this made 3 dolls by Sherry that I now owned.
There was chocolates...a snoopy.....a sheep pez container keychain..... a rag quilt..... doll shoes...fabric fat quarters..... small doll teacups and so much more.

I was so beyond excited! She came right over to me and we chatted a bit.
Love ya sweetie!

The other gals got fully spoiled as well and it was so fun to walk around and see all that everyone had made for each other. I loved doing this exchange!

Prim Blessings!

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Sherry said...

XOXOXOXO LOVE YOU SWEETIE! Gosh your making me re-live the trip. I LOVE it. Oh I miss you all so much. I MISS you Cedara! Your so sweet to me!XOXO Sherry