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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Its Saturday evening.........

We all make it back to the hotel roughly around the same time. Some stopped for more shopping along the way home. We went to our rooms to drop off all the bags of goodies and freshen up a bit.
Mari asked me to go around and see who was going to be doing what. If they were interested in all going someplace for supper. I hit as many rooms as I could remember...sorry if I missed anyone!

Some gals opted to stay at the hotel and rest a bit. We were invited back to their room later in the evening to hang out and chill. The rest of us went looking for food! LOL
The first spot we went to didn't have the room for all of us unless we wanted to wait 1.5 hours.! We'll keep looking!

Mari goes into this BarBq place and they can take us....jus give them a few minutes to get things set up. This is the place that had the bronze pig out front that a bunch of the gals sat on to have their picture taken! LOL
It was a COLD pig to be sitting on!

Inside we all go and get seated. Eric and I shared a booth with Megan, Joanne, Sue and Karen.
This when it became very clear that the "wallflowers" were NOT wallflowers! LOL
We all look at the menu and just everything is looking so yummy! I'm having a tough time deciding but opt for this fantastic pork sandwhich and fries. Some of the others had ribs and a mix of other foods.
Megan, Joanne and Sue ask the waitress to bring them bibs.....she laughs but says ok.
When she comes back...we all laugh....cause they are child size plastic bibs! All with funny animals on them etc. They looked so cute! heehee

We eat our food and some of us have a frozen daiquiri that was really tasty! We were tired enough that ONE was all we needed! LOL

We hear clapping all of a sudden and the staff is bringing out a slice of cake to Marnie for her birthday! We all are clapping and Karen cracks me up cause she got right into it. Clapping and singing along! Oh I just LOVED HER!

Some of us sort of mingled from table to table talking with folks as we were all finished at different times. It was a great way to sort of end the day together.

Prim Blessings!

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