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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Amish Tour

Our Amish tour was really fun and I learned quite a bit about the Amish. I won't give all the details away in case someone makes it to the next convention and the tour is happening again.
I will say that I came away from it with a new found way of looking at the Amish Communities.
It was very interesting.

We got to go check out a few bakeries where we had some amazing food bought. The cheese bread I highly recommend! The cinnamon rolls were HUGE and the fresh baked buns...oh yeah!

Went into a fabric barn and just wanted to forever live there!
The colors and fabrics were amazing. The prices were quite good as well but I held off and didn't buy any fabric there. Some of the others bought fabric! LOL

We also got to stop at a shop that had the most amazing quilts I have ever seen in my life!
There was a section of the shop that also had baskets. Once Karrie and I started looking and turning them could see a signature and age of who had created the baskets. I ended up buying the tall basket that is shown in my album. It was created by a 16 year old girl and i will treasure it always! Karrie bought a basket too.

We also learned that an Amish outhouse is beyond SCARY! LOL

It also was a very warm day out with alot of wind and the tour ran a bit longer then I think some of us had planned on. I was really starting to feel the wear and tear of a long day on my feet and in the car.

We finished the tour and headed back home.
The gals were very excited to learn that our back seats recline and before we knew it....all were snoozing! LOL

Prim Blessings!

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