Shabby Miss Jenn

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Kansas City! .......... but we were early......

We arrived in Kansas City that afternoon. Knew that Megan too was due in early and she had told me where she was staying so we made our way there and got ourself a room. She hadn't checked in yet so I left one of my business cards at the front desk for her to let her know I was in.
We settled in and got ready to relax for the evening. Turn on the tv and start watching the local news channel. sat right up in bed cause they were saying we were under a tornado watch for the evening!

I had changed into my pj's and was snuggled down in bed just glued to the tv. I was convinced we were going to see a tornado and had myself all worked up. LOL

There is a knock on our door and I go to see who it is. I llok out thru the peekhole and there are 4 people standing outside my door. Lucky for me...I knew who they were! LOL

Megan, Sue, Mari and Shelly all came to welcome me!
So yup...the first time I meet the gals..... I'm in my pj's! LOL

Megan's flight had come in way later then was expected. Sue had had her own hassles flying in.
Our room was way too hot for them. We had turned the heat on when we first arrived cause we were chilled from the rains....forgot it was on and had just gotten used to the heat.
When I opened the door to let them all in....and felt the cool breeze in the hall....knew our room was too hot! LOL The heat got turned off quickly.

The gals stayed for about 20 minutes and then were on their way. We were to meet back up at the other hotel as other gals were going to start arriving at all different times of the day.