Shabby Miss Jenn

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Eric and I checked out of our hotel and head over to the AmeriSuites Hotel where we were going to be staying for the convention. What a complete difference to the hotels we'd been staying in so far on our trip! LOL
The lobby was HUGE and everything was all brass and glass. It was a really nice hotel.

I go up to the main desk and tell them that I am with the Primmart Convention.
Seems I am the first to arrive so they ask if having a room on the first floor is fine.
I had assumed that was all taken care of and they'd just be giving me a key. I say the first floor is fine and we get our key and head in.

Our room is really nice and there is going to be plenty of room to have the gals stop by to chat and visit if anyone wishes to. We place our bags inside and I'm slowly starting to unpack a few things.

Eric's cell phone rings and he hands it to me...... Like he just knew it was going to be for me or something! LOL

It was NUTT again and she is saying that she has arrived. I get all excited and ask her if she is at the airport or the hotel. She says she is in her room at the hotel. I ask what room she is in as I too am at the hotel already.
She tells me her room number and low and behold.... Across the hall from me! LOL

We both are on the phone and rushing to open our doors. There we are all hugging and giggling already. We get a bit more settled in and next thing you know there are more and more gals arriving.

We are waiting out in the lobby area by now and scanning the folks that are walking thru the door. If they looked a bit nervous and looking around....we pounced! LOL


Nutt called Sherry on the cell phone and she said she had just called the car to come get her from the airport. We all were so excited! LOL
They pulled up and soon as she got out of the van..... I'd have known her anyplace!
We went rushing out the door at her and just covered her with hugs and squeels! LOL
Poor gal must have been scared to pieces! LOL

Eric in the meantime was hauling all the goodie bags and such into the main room for Shelly. Her van was jammed back with goodie bags and gift bags. I couldn't believe all the stuff that she had ready for us. WOW!

Eric helped some gals bring their luggage in and take it up to their rooms. He learned that I am not the only one to overpack and bring a ton of bags! LOL