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Monday, April 17, 2006

Nelly and the Big Boom

For those that don't already know this about me.... I love listening to NELLY. There is just something about his music that makes me smile and shake my groove thang! LOL

Well...... my mother also likes his music and since we were going to be driving by St.Louis , I thought I'd see if we'd be able to get a picture of the famous Archway.

So we are driving along and I'm snapping pics of the arch....not sure how they are turning out cause we are driving and its so far away. Its getting closer and closer though and I'm thinking......usually we drive around the OUTSKIRT of a big city. What is going on? Yup..... right smack thru the center of downtown for this city. We got so close to the arch I think I could have touched it! LOL

Well you will also see in the picture.....some grey clouds!

Yup.....we are nearing the downtown section and the skies just opened up. I didn't even know that our windsheild wipers could move that quickly! Its really windy.....the rain is just coming down in sheets. I am really starting to freak out when..............


Smack dab in the middle of one of the worst thunder and lightening storms EVER!

I lose my mind right about here. I can't read the signs...... Eric is laughing at me and saying we are going to be fine. I can see flashes of lightening shooting out of the skies like all around me. Not to forget to mention that there are lanes of traffic on either side of us just wiping around like it was a sunny ol afternoon!

I'm not a big fan of ST.LOUIS now!

Prim Blessings!



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