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Monday, April 17, 2006

Then it all went CRAZY on us...........

I'm the first to admit that I am not the best to travel any real long distance with. My hip gets really sore and I have to keep stretching out in the back seat. I tend to fall asleep and Eric's foot seems to become heavier during this time.
We are in the habit of writing out the routes and where we need to turn etc onto a piece of paper and keep it on my seat while I'm snoozing in the back. Quick glance over to the big writing and Eric can keep track of our next turns etc.

I had had a good ol snooze and was feeling quite good. Switched back to the front for a bit to take advantage of the new views. Not much really but it was all new to me. I love reading all the billboards for the antique malls and shops you all in the USA have. I'd be mighty poor if I lived close to all them! LOL

Well we had been having a grey sky kinda day....small glimmers of sunshine but not much.
We are a little ways outside our next "big place" to drive thru and so I am mentally preparing for it. I live in a really small place so the really large cities tend to freak me out somewhat.
The interstate is always quite well marked though so I don't generally lose my mind.

Till ST.LOUIS MO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I lost a piece of my mind that I'm pretty sure I will never get back! LOL

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