Shabby Miss Jenn

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Saturday Night Continues.......

So the bunch of us that went to Walmart finish shopping in like record time.
45 minutes.....GO! LOL

We get back to the hotel and say we are going to freshen up and then go find a room to hang out in. I get cleaned up and grab a drink....head out the door and find Maple in the hallway so upstairs we go to Sheila and Sherry's room. We can hear giggles so we know folks are there! LOL

There are already a bunch of the gals there and different stories are going around and being talked about. Laughter is erupting all over the room!LOL
We stay in here till again.....about 2am I think it was.
(I think we all figured we'd catch up on our sleep once we got back home!LOL)
Heather and marnie join us too. They had freshened up and switched to jammies....only to go down to my room thinking that was where we were partying! OPPs! LOL
Eric told them to come in but they opted to head back up to our gathering! heehee

Lets just say that at this party...... some folks were mooned!
I have sworn not to say who mooned who! They say they thought their tattoo was lower then it was...... yeah right!


Prim Blessings!