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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Sunday! Classes and Doll Challenge

Sunday was our day to spend doing "business talks and classes" in the boardroom. It was from 10am till 5pm. We actually got to stay a bit later.

We all show up and the big table is just covered with doll making supplies! There was a ton of goodies to be picked thru and used. We all sat at the tables again and sort of floated around each other.

Shelly had gotten us a pre sewn doll body and parts so we could all take part in a doll challenge.
We were all given those to begin working on while the first class was being "taught".

SHERRY! Yup.... our gal Sherry of taught us some doll making tips and techniques! Oh I was so excited for this.
Sheila videotaped it and it was just so awesome. Lots of little things that Sherry does a bit different then I do that sort of made me go " OHHHH that is a cool trick!".
Sherry treated us all to one of her patterns and also a pre sewn doll to create. It was my first time looking at one of Sherry's patterns and I am the first to admit now that it wil not be the last one I own. I am loving her patterns and plan on owning many many more of hers.

She shared tips on sewing.... stuffing..... staining....and stitching details like face and hair. It really was a jam packed lesson and I am so glad to have been able to have been there for it.

We then all got started on creating our dolls for the challenge.
Fabric was being cut and torn all over the room. Machines were humming. Thread was being placed in needles. Bags of stuffing was being gone thru. We were all talking up a storm the whole while.

Different classes were being taught at the same time.

Megan taped a class that was on punch needle art. A kit had been set up for those interested. Quite a few of the gals joined in on that class. I opted not to as I knew I was going to be busy enough in the future and didn't want to tempt myself with a new addiction! LOL

I finished stuffing my doll and had her dressed. Got ready to attach the hair and made an announcement about felting needles. Megan had bought everyone a felting needle and I had already handed them out to everyone. I took the sheeps wool that I had brought with me and showed them all how to use the felting needles. Everyone caught on really quick and were very excited to bring the needles back home and try them some more.

We had batches of dolls being stained and drying all over the place. We kept blowing the fuse using the fans and hair dryers! LOL Some of us took our dolls to our rooms and dried them in the microwave and used the hairdryers in the rooms.

Then we looked and it was LUNCH! 1pm caught up to us really quickly!

Prim Blessings!

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