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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Shopping VS more classes! LOL

The shopping bug had struck quite a few of the gals and it was decided that those that wanted to go shopping could go..... those that wished to return to the classes could. I hadn't ben able to get any fabric at the trip to Walmart the night before cause the fabric counter was closed till the next morning. ( I had been very upset!LOL)

I asked Eric if he would pick me up some homespun while I went back to work on my doll for the challenge. He agreed and I reminded him of where we had looked and what I had really liked.
The gals couldn't believe that I was trusting him to go and pick me up fabric.... I knew he would do great! LOL He bought me more then if I had gone myself! LOL

More dolls were being finished and we were all having our pictures taken with the dolls. Lots of questions were being asked amongst ourselves. Food was being nibbled on thru the afternoon.
The shoppers came back and we were all given more tickets for gift bags again.
Spoiled rotten by it all.

Then the ultimate happened! LOL

Prim Blessings!

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