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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

It's coming from YOU

The letter you write is going to be a part of YOU going to another.
What ways are you going to make this happen?

I sat on the bed and thought about this. How do I want folks to see an envelope and letter and just right away.... KNOW its from ME ?

Here are some things that I came up with and that you can use for writing to your friends and family.

Who says we have to always write in a blue or black ink?
Go to a good stationary store and look around. Look at all the different colors of pens that are around you. Pick a few colors out. There are even different styles of pens to chose from.
Play around with a few until you find something that you fall in love with and want to use.
Use this to only write letters with. Keep it special!

I could so spend hours flipping thru the many different papers you can find nowadays. The colors and the textures. The feel of the papers. You can find writing pads of paper. You can buy sheets of paper at a time even. You can even take it a step further and MAKE your own paper.
Different paper for different folks you are writing to.
Think about who you are writing to and blend their personality and yours.

Who needs to find another plain white envelope in their mailbox? NO ONE! heehee
You can get envelopes in every color of the rainbow. They can be fancy. They can be plain. You can get envelopes of every size and to fit every mood.
Make your own!
Cover them with drawings!
Add stickers!

Remember...... you are wanting your friend to reach into their mailbox ..... spot something amongst all the bills and flyers jammed in there too..... and just JUMP WITH HAPPINESS that they found a note inside from you!

So.... how are you going to make a letter special and unique from you?


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Cara said...

Cheez nips!
Who has time for all that? A special pen? You do not have a child in YOUR house! Nothing SPECIAL ever stays where you put it.
I have written letters to people on the back of fast food tray liners!
Spiral notebook paper with the fringe on from ripping it off of the spiral---"fringe benefits."
I have folded house-for-sale flyers into envelopes when I couldn't find any.
But maybe that's my version of a special pen. They reach into thier mailbox and "Oh God, another letter from Cara."