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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

May long weekend and all the fun!

We just had the May long weekend for us here in Canada. It was the Victoria Day weekend and my sister and her family came down to visit!!!

They arrived on Saturday just after lunch and stayed until mid afternoon on Monday. Oh what a great visit we all had. So much happened! heehee

It was my BIL's birthday on Saturday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN!
We thought we would have baked ribs and salads. Had a birthday cake and a carrot cake(its his fave).
We were going to set the tent up but the black flies were so thick and just attacking us if outside for any length of time. My sister did spray herself with bug spray and go work in Mom's gardens though. We al love the look of a nice garden of flowers but have gotten so we can't take care of them that easy. ( Mom has MS and my gram has gotten too old. My excuse.... I tend to pull the flowers out instead of the weeds so I'm banned from helping in the gardens! LOL)
My sister has such a green thumb and just loves it...... she went right to work.
She pulled so many weeds out that she gave herself a huge blister on her finger! OUCH when that broke and got dirt inside.

My nieces has never had ribs before. Hannah opted not to try them....she ate mostly salad and a piece of a pork chop. Sarah thought she'd like to try one..... liked it so much that she ended up eating 4 ribs! heehee

It was a good day for all of us........ lots of food..... laughter and teling stories.


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