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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Cute as a BUTTON

There has been something special added to my family.
Her name is BUTTONS and she will be 6 weeks old on Tuesday.
She was only 4 weeks in this picture.

I was so heartbroken over the loss of Mao Kitty and really didn't think I'd be ready so soon for another cat. My room and life became so quiet and lonely without Mao that a new kitty just had to happen.

I heard from my cousin about a family that had quite a few cats. We went over and as soon as I reached down and picked her heart melted.
She looked at me with those blue eyes(which are now turning green) and I knew she was to be the little kitten that I was to have and love next.

I had been having dreams of Mao with a kitten so I also know that Mao knew this was what I needed and she guided me to the special one that needed me next.



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Taracotta said...

Sure is cute as a button...SMOOCHIES from Auntie TARA