Shabby Miss Jenn

Friday, September 01, 2006

Mao Anderson 1996-2006

With much saddness still in my heart...... I had to have my cat put to sleep on August 21. She had been having some problems and it became very clear that she was beginning to have pain.

Mao came into my life when I least expected her to. She showed me that I was able to love something and that something was still very much able to love me.

She was not a cuddly kitty. Many would even say she was not a friendly kitty!LOL The family joke was she was a baby dragon and not a cat at all.

In the last few years she mellowed greatly and I will forever miss her. She had a wonderful song she would sing to me that I will never hear again. I won't share cantelope with her again. She won't ask for an icecube of her own anymore.

I will always share wonderful memories of her though. She holds a piece of my heart in her little paws forever. We buried her under the rhododendron in the front yard. I placed a pair of socks with her as she always carried a pair downstairs if she thought she was alone.

I also placed her little snowman under one of her arms like she was snuggled up to him. He was her little "sookie" when she was upset over anything. He gave her comfort and I wanted her to have him in her next place so she wouldn't be scared.

Momma loves ya Minouche!