Shabby Miss Jenn

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Always read "comments"!!!!!!

I had found a link to a page of different pictures of my friend.
I had already looked at about a dozen different pictures of her and her sister.

Then......... below the picture.
Below the information about who was who standing in the picture.
The website had since made it not possible to leave comments (Spammers had wrecked havoc in the past and you could only look....not send anything to them. hence my dead end!)

There was a comment!
OMGoodness! The comment was from someone I had KNOWN back then as well!
One of the friends that I knew a first name only.
A friend that I thought would be forever in my mind as he was back then.
I knew it was him because in his comment he mentioned his friends that I'd known as well.


He had been looking for them as well and come across the same pictures and dead end.
He was asking if they read the message or if someone that knew them read please send him an email.

OMGoodness! A contact for him!
Ok....wait..... when was this all happening? Was I getting all excited for no reason?
The date on his comment was 2005.
ok....that wasn't that long ago. The email addy might actually still work and be his.

Would he remember me???
He was asking about them....not asking about anyone else?

What should I do????