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Saturday, May 26, 2007

When your Past moves to embrace your Future

My past in Romania. It has been about 23 years since I have seen this country.
I love to read about Bucharest. I love to look at websites devoted to this beautiful country so rich in history. Its always tugged at me.
I have had the odd contact once in awhile from friends back then over the years.
Some friends that I could recall....... I had brought myself to understand that forever in my past they would be. Its so very hard to find someone when you only know a first name. You never learned the names of their family. You knew what Embassy they belonged to but not what their parents did there. So many questions and never any answers.

When I joined Facebook..... I started looking for friends from ASB.
There was a group on Facebook but it was more geared for grads of the late 90's.
I was home on my dial up connection so knew it could take awhile though so poured myself a tall glass of Pepsi and braced myself for some research.

I took out a tablet of paper and wrote names down.
First names. Last names.
Countries they were from.
Anything I could recall of their family.

I had in mind to find one gal in particular. We had stayed in touch for almost the whole time since leaving Bucharest. Only in the last few years had life taken over and we'd let too much time slip by. I'd moved and lost her information.

I searched for her first.
I had her name. I knew the area she'd been living last.
I could not recall her husbands name.
OH WAIT!! Remembered her husbands name!

I still struck a dead end.
I found a website from another International School she'd attended. I found pictures of her and her sister at a reunion. I was so close and yet so far away still. It was like giving me a taste of a cookie but only a crumb.

I wanted the whole cookie! LOL

My eyes were near crossed from reading thru so many posts and following link after link.
I was ready to give up.
It was late.....almost 2am!
I stood up to stretch.
Buttons was laying asleep on the computer desk next to me started to purr. I scratched her under the chin. She wasn't heading to bed. She was fine just where he was.

Fine.....then I could keep searching for a little longer.

The stars lined up.
The moon beams kissed me thru the window and

Something that would turn out to be larger then I could have even grasped at first glance

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